What are the requirements for placing a purchase on Google

Online stores can only sell products on Google Shopping after they have passed moderation. To do this, the advertiser needs to fulfill a number of requirements for the site, products and product feed.

Site requirements:

  • Each item is placed on a separate page and has a unique URL.
  • Checkout security. A secure SSL server with a valid certificate (https: //) is used to process payments and transactions.
  • The merchant site provides at least one traditional payment method: credit or debit card payment, cash on delivery, invoice payment.
  • Image size – from 250×250 pixels. Weight – up to 16 MB. The product in the image occupies 75-90% of the area.
  • The product card contains the current prices in the currency of the country in which the advertiser sells the product. That is, if you sell Italian motor oils in Russia, then prices should be indicated in rubles, not euros.
  • The site should have a section with contact details, shipping, payment and return information.

Advertising of the following products is prohibited:

  • Counterfeit. Products that display a logo or trademark that replicates, in whole or in part, another company’s branding.
  • Dangerous. Products that may harm health or property. This includes weapons, drugs, explosives, tobacco products, alcohol, instructions for making weapons, etc.
  • Contributing to illegal activity. This category includes software for hacking computer systems, fraud in the financial, educational and other areas.
  • Prohibited. prohibited items include: tickets for transportation and concerts, transport (cars, planes, yachts, etc.), financial products (securities, insurance policies, credit cards), currency, prepaid gift cards, services, real estate, subscriptions, digital services with special software.

For more information on product and content requirements, see Google Help .

A prerequisite for selling products on Google Shopping is a product feed. It is uploaded to the Google Merchant Center.

The advertiser is recommended to enter the Merchant Center account at least every 14 days. These actions signal Google that product and price information is up to date.

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